A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Synopsis :

You play as a little forest spirit evolving in a lush forest. You have one quest : find out what happened in this world...

About Stori :

Stori uses some aspects of the comic strip. You'll travel through the frames of this interactive comics and use the power to create and delete gutters to solve puzzles! 

Languages : French, English, Spanish

Controls : 
Team :

BARBIER Paul : Game Designer | Linkedin
CIBAT Mathieu :  Project manager | LinkedIn
COTTINEAU Victor : Programmer  | 
ENCISO Marc : Sound Designer | BandCamp
DANTONSLIP : 2D artist |Website | Itch.io
LEGEAY Valentin : Programmer  | 
PRADEAU Lucie : 2D Artist | Tumblr | Vimeo


Stori 306 MB
Stori 189 MB


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salut, tout dabord le jeu est magnifique. les son vienne  de ori non? ou rim peut etre... en tout cas l'enbience est au poil (= je tien juste a préciser que je me suis retrouver bloquer au de la porte grise (j'ai fais un tout petit trou au dessu alors qu'elle aitais ouverte et je n'ai pas pu en ressortir)

en tout cas jeu magnifique et consepte très cool 

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Salut ! Déjà merci bien pour ton retour, et d'avoir joué au jeu. : )  Non tous les sons ont été crées par notre sound designer et compositeur Marc Enciso. ^^ 

Je suis désolé pour ton bug, on ne l'avait encore jamais eu! 

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Salut à tous !
Je ne sais pas si vous passez encore ici, mais je peux vous dire que votre jeu plaît vraiment. C'est fou ce que vous avez pu produire en 1 an, avec peu de moyens, pour un projet d'école.
Et ça m'a donné envie de le montrer à plus de monde, alors voilà !


Merci beaucoup pour ton retour ! Mais on a pas fait le jeu en un an, on l'a fait en 2 mois et demi ^^ Merci beaucoup pour ton retour ! Ca fait plaisir de constater que l'ambiance de Stori a fonctionné ! 

Effectivement, j'ai dû mal m'exprimer, sachant que j'avais surtouten tête que c'était un projet de premier année !

Enfin, comme tu dis, en effet, c'est l'ambiance le plus important, et je t'assure que c'est pleinement réussi. Le jeu a fait son petit effet parmi ceux qui l'ont découvert :)


It's a nice game but the controls are awful. WASD is a standard, if you want to support a french keyboard you should make that optional because most of the keyboards don't have that layout. Jump should be instant, it doesn't feel good to control.

You should continue development, it looks like it could end in a cool game.

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Hello !
When you look to there website, you can read it's a first year project in a french School (ENJMIN), so here, the standard is ZSQD.
If you have FR language installed on your PC, just an alt+shift can change your keybord config, so it's easy ^^

this game is really great!!! after i read the comments and this is just a student project, this game is too good to call "student project". anyway, goodluck for the project!

Line drawing didn't work when I tried it. Also, any chance of adding full gamepad support?


Line drawing is a bit messy to understand. You must click on a white border of the frame, hold the click & release it on another white border. If you still can't get it you could watch one of the videos posted below.

This is a student project and our team does not plan to work more on it. We had a hard time making the controls as easy to use as possible. Adding gamepad support would be inefficient with line drawing & erasing without a complete rework of the system. So it's not going to happen I'm sorry.

So I really love the concepts on display here, some really cool ideas. The artwork and music is beautiful too. But seeing as it was AZERTY my first instinct was to rebind the movement controls as Q-D felt really awkward. I think that ended up messing up the swap mechanic as A was my re-bound left movement. There were also what seemed to be a lot of small oversights. I got caught on ledges quite a few times, which isn't a big deal if it's once or twice, but since it was a result of the main mechanic it became frustrating pretty quickly. There also seemed to be one required wall that needed to be built that just wouldn't, no matter how many times I tried, and it ended up ending my progress. I very well could have missed something, but it felt like a bug. Cool game though!